JESUS MADE HIS CROSS COUNT Reflecting on General Election 2015

May 2, 2015


As I write, the General Election is just over a week away, and the seemingly inexhaustible media coverage continues.  An election campaign is a significant time in the nation’s life, as the people decide who is to govern for the next five years. We are fortunate to live under such democratic conditions, and we should never take this for granted.


The right to put my cross in a box means that my views count in the national life. With that said, it is increasingly difficult for Bible-believing Christians to know who to vote for, since all the mainstream parties are pursuing policies (particularly in the area of morality) that directly and deliberately reject biblical wisdom and teaching.


And then, whichever party wins, the hope is that things in the future will be better than they have been previously; that the promises which got the winning party (or coalition) elected will be delivered.


It’s a time of hope. But it’s worth reminding ourselves that there is only one sure and certain hope in this life (and in the next) and that’s because Jesus made his cross count.


Psalm 118:8-9 says:

“It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man.

It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes.”


Now in saying this I don’t in any way want to do down those who try to serve within the world of politics. I’m sure that most individuals who go into this career do so out of a genuine desire to make a difference. However, it is also the case that the most a government can ever do is improve the outward aspects of our lives. They can provide as good economic, political and social conditions as possible, but that will never bring ultimate meaning and satisfaction to the lives of people. 


Only Christ can do that. I’m reminded of the conclusion of John Newton’s great hymn, Glorious things of thee are spoken, when he says: “Solid joys and lasting treasure none but Zion’s children know.” And that surely is the truth of the matter. However much we may gain, economically or socially, from the government of the day, it all pales into insignificance, compared to what is assured for us – by Christ – for all eternity.


The things that the politicians promise us and then endeavour to deliver can be here one moment and gone the next:

  • there is no ultimate security in interest rates (they can go up as well as down)

  • there is no ultimate security in tighter laws (people still transgress them)

  • there is no ultimate security in any political system or philosophy (no system is perfect)


The only true and genuine security comes from Christ - who really did make his cross count. And that is where the Christian certainty comes from. That once and for all sacrifice on the cross of Calvary is the ground for our hope – hope of forgiveness and renewal; hope of reconciliation to God; hope for time and eternity; hope that is steadfast and certain.


So by all means get out there and vote on the 7th May.

But never forget that, as the psalmist said, it’s better to trust in God than any man.

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