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a note from the missions secretary ...


We support a variety of missions but we focus on missions that have a personal connection with our church.  Over the years we have built up relationships with missions working globally: in church planting, medical work, with street children and those our persecuted brothers and sisters.  We have regular mission presentations on a Wednesday evening and we conclude with a time of prayer for the work we have been hearing about.  


Several people in our congregation have previously been working in UK and international missions and some on shorter term opportunities.  Our church has prayerfully and financially supported short-term work and we are always looking for others to step forward to volunteer.  


We don’t consider 'missions' as an option for the church.  We seek to live out our Saviour’s command to go into all the word and make disciples of every nation.

Samuel Bill, an independent missionary from Belfast, founded the mission in 1887. Since then Mission Africa has developed a rich legacy of pioneering missionary work in Africa. Because of this we are regarded as an experienced mission agency respected throughout the UK and Ireland.




Steadfast Global

Steadfast Global is a Scotland based evangelical Christian ministry and registered charity with a simple mandate: our call is to encourage the Church across Scotland to pray for and stand with persecuted Christians across the globe.

Grace Third
World Fund

We support families, young people, rough sleepers and people recovering from addiction. We help people who are already homeless and we work to stop homelessness before it happens. The need for our services is growing and your support is vital if we are to address the needs in communities across Scotland.


We are providing volunteer services for the care shelter 3 nights this winter, see below for further information.












GTWF is a Manx registered charity (Number 727), and is completely independent. We provide for specific needs in third world countries where there is real financial hardship.

Timothy Babu & Ray Richardson visited us in Sept 2015 to inform us of the great work that is being carried out in the children's home

Christian Witness
to Israel

Christian Witness to Israel exists to share the Good News of Jesus with the Jewish people, to relieve the poor and sick, to make the Church aware of its spiritual and material debt to the Jews and to oppose anti-Semitism.

Women for Mission (WfM) provides practical support for the Free Church’s mission at home and abroad; encourages and facilitates prayer for mission; raises funds for mission projects; promotes interest in home and international missions; encourages fellowship; and gives opportunity for women to use their gifts in service.

Eastern Europe
for Christ

Eastern Europe for Christ (EEFC) is a UK organisation working in Eastern and Central Europe alongside local established churches on a number of projects.

‘SOON’ is a single-sheet evangelistic paper in easy-English and a range of other languages, aimed primarily at those who speak English as a second language. It is distributed worldwide by post. Individuals, very often non-Christians, ask to be placed on the mailing list for a year. Many Christian ministries use it in evangelism and TEFL teachers often find it useful in their classes. 


We serve the church and seek to bring the gospel to all the peoples of East Asia. We help place Christians with professional skills in China and other Asian countries, and share the love of Christ with East Asians worldwide.


AIM is an evangelical Christian mission agency dedicated to the vision of seeing Christ-centered churches established among all African peoples. We have over 1,000 personnel ministering in Africa and to Africans living around the world. Our ministries include evangelism and church planting efforts among unreached and least-reached peoples, leadership development, youth ministry, medical ministry, community development and community health, and a broad range of support and logistical ministries.


Some of our volunteers at the Bethany Care Shelter on 7 November at Kirk o Field CofS church.  We provided a chicken curry and apple pie for around 50 care shelter users on a cold and wintery Edinburgh night. 

Our next care shelter date is 26 Feb at Edinburgh YMCA

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